Smoking Silver (Master) Smoking Papers Regular 1 ¼

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Pure Rice Paper and Natural Gum

Smoking Master Smoking Papers 1 ¼  are 77mm long and 37mm in width. Made from pure rice paper the Smoking Masters 1 ¼ are extremely popular if you like a smaller rolling paper. Each single leaf is made of a watermarked pure rice paper for quality assurance and natural gum that sticks every time. Ultra thin papers for Master rollers. A paper slip folded in with the leaves reminds you when you're running low. One single pack contains 50 rolling papers.                                  

*Master Label 1 ¼ Regular Label
*Ultra Thin
*100% Natural Vegetable Gum
*Pure Rice Paper and Natural Gum
*50 Leaves Per Pack
*Size: 77mm x 37mm
*Weight: 13 g/m2
*Made in Spain

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