Smojo Permanent Smoking Screen - Pipe Screen

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Smojo Pipe Screen

Smojo blocks smoking materials and ash.

Smojo is made of surgical quality stainless steel and cannot be burned with a standard lighter.   This steel has been extensively studied and is safe if used as directed.   Do not touch Smojo when it is hot. (Smoking is known to cause a variety of health problems.) 


Please check Smojo Fit Guide:

The 2 things to check are the size of the hole and the clearance beneath the hole.  If you have a set of drill bits, if the 1/8" drill bit slides through the hole at the bottom of your pipe to a depth of 3/8", Smojo should fit.  If the 1/8" drill bit will not slide through the hole there is little hope that Smojo will fit. Another test is to take several paperclips (normal not jumbo size) , straighten them out, and see how many can fit in through the hole at the same time,  4 is marginal, 5 or more and Smojo should fit.

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