Raw Smoking Unbleached Original Tips

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Raw Original Tips

Raw Smoking Unbleached Tips are perforated for easy use and made to the same high quality as the Raw papers. Using unbleached fibres gives you a natural tip with no taste. Raw Tips will strengthen your cigarette ends, help keeping tobacco out of your mouth as well as keeping the cigarette dry. Each pack of Raw Tips contains 50 tips. Raw Smoking Tips are also known as raw roaches or raw roach tips, the word 'roach' being a UK expression for the word 'tip'. Roaches are mainly used in the UK and Europe.              

Simply roll a single tip into a spiral shape or zig zag the end and then roll it for a sturdy roach tip. Using RAW tips allows you to roll your preferred size cigarette filter.                                                                                                

*RAW Smoking Unbleached Tips
*Perforated For Easy Folding and Tearing
*All Natural, Additive-Free
*100% Vegan
*Natural Light Brown In Colour
*100% Chlorine Free
*1 Booklet Contains 50 Tips
*Made in Spain