Crave Table Grinder

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Crave Grinder


  • PRECISION MILLED from Ultra-Strength Aircraft Grade Aluminum for extra toughness, durability & best quality. Don't let the affordable price fool you!
  • SHARP CUTTING TEETH for extreme efficiency and effortless grinding of spices & dry herbs. Stainless Steel Mesh Screen filters very fine pollen into the big catcher. Pollen scraper included.
  • POWERFUL NEODYMIUM MAGNETS for incredible closure, freshness & odor control. Thin Poly O-Ring for smooth grinding and less friction.
  • BLACK ANODIZED Finish looks amazing and prevents flaking, pealing or smudge marks.
  • CLEAR KIEF COMPARTMENT machined from acrylic to provide quick visual access.
  • Dimensions: 60mm(D) x 55mm(H)
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