About us

It`s Hemp Time!

Hemp Market Store is Sydney`s leading hemp company. Our hand picked range of high quality products are amongst the most recognized brands in the world and in Australia.

Hemp as a Philosophy

Hemp is not just about cannabis sativa and cannabis indica but it is about a lifestyle and a Philosophy that you can follow to energize yourself. Our select range of products have the right fit to balance your life. Browse in our website and you will definitely find the right product for you. 

Chat to one of our experts to discuss about our VaporizersPapersHemp Foods, Glass artifacts, Hemp body carebundles and wholesale inquires and we will make to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. 

If you don't understand Hemp, don't worry, we do! And we keep learning to provide you with the best advice through research and development.


Hemp Market Store is more than just a business it is a hub between cannabis users, smokers, sympathetics alike and the industry so you can have access to the best products at your finger tips.

You can have peace of mind when buying from us as we we will fast track and get your goodies in good shape for you.

Save our website in your favorites, follow us on instagram and facebook and you will see a lot of moviment to break taboos. So, as the industry evolves and the laws - hopefully - become more flexible we will always help you to have access to a top selection of Australian and international products.